Amy Koza

Amy Koza holds a Master’s degree in Audiology Studies (M.Aud) from the University of Queensland (UQ), in Brisbane, Australia and is passionate about using her training as an audiologist to enrich the lives of her clients. Amy believes wholeheartedly that healthy hearing is critically important to quality of life, and loves nothing more than helping her clients regain the ability to communicate with ease. Armed with an understanding that the challenges presented by hearing loss cannot be overcome with hearing aids alone, Amy’s practice in Squamish is devoted to providing the mentorship and support her clients need to learn to live in a world with sound again.

Amy has worked hard to foster a welcoming and open environment in her clinic; she wants clients to see Mainland Hearing as a safe and friendly space in which themselves and their families can feel supported.

Prior to working in Squamish, Amy completed an internship in New Zealand and later worked for Mainland Hearing in Surrey and West Vancouver. Her internship saw her working closely with Maori communities, an experience that provided Amy with a nuanced understanding of some of the unique health care challenges faced by aboriginal patients. Amy has subsequently applied this understanding at home, devoting herself to doing as much as possible to improve the quality of hearing care available in First Nations communities in the Sea to Sky. Her work regularly brings her to Mount Currie and D’Arcy where she finds a deep satisfaction in being able to provide health care services that were previously unavailable there. She hopes to expand this area of practice in the future.

Amy loves Squamish and is grateful to be able to live a place that allows her to pursue her passion for outdoor sports. When not at the clinic, Amy can be found ski touring in the Duffy, windsurfing off the spit, or scaling the cliffs of the Chief. Amy also devotes much of her time to the Whistler Sailing Association, for which she is a board member.

In addition to providing services to cope with hearing loss, Amy advocates for preventative care and encourages anyone susceptible to hearing damage to make an appointment to discuss solutions such as custom hearing protection. 

Amy encourages anyone with questions about their hearing or auditory health to make an appointment.



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