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Staying active in pregnancy

I am a big proponent of staying active while pregnant, as all of my pregnant patients know.  The benefits to mom and baby are irrefutable.  Mom will usually experience better energy, less risk of getational diabetes, and an easier time losing the pregnancy weight.  Generally, baby will have less risk of getting too big (ie. macrosomic), which can lead to complications in delivery and increased risk of c-sections.  There is even some evidence that the maintenance of a healthy weight in pregnancy can reduce the risk of the baby developing diabetes when he or she is an adult!  Talk about long-term benefits to avoiding the jelly doughnut that's calling out!  

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Happy "Move for Health" Day!

May 10 was Move for Health Day & I hope everyone had a chance to get out & do something active in the sun. This international event was initiated in 2002 by the World Health Organization in an effort to promote physical activity.

I have to admit, I didn't get outside today due to a hectic ER shift, but I hope to make up for that with a sunny lunch-time run tomorrow.  I'm already looking forward to it! 

We all know the benefits of leading an active lifestyle.  Here are a few tips to help you get active & stay active... 

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