What is Audiology?

Audiology is the study of hearing and balance disorders. It is primarily concerned with the treatment of hearing loss and the prevention of hearing damage. Audiologists perform comprehensive hearing tests and provide individualized treatment plans and follow-up health care.

Audiologists in Canada hold a Master’s degree in audiology and have a broad range of training in hearing disorders and diagnostic testing, in addition to being experts at hearing evaluations and the fitting of hearing aids. They are licensed by the College of Speech and Hearing Health Professionals of BC.

NextGen Hearing formerly Mainland Hearing


NexGen Hearing at Elaho Medical Clinic, Squamish BC


Our head office may be in Squamish but we service the corridor, and the tone of the office is set to the pace of life, and unique demands of those who call this place home. With a presence from Squamish to Mount Currie, and even some on hill hearing aid supply deliveries in whistler from time to time, we know this community because we are a part of it. Residents of the sea to sky typically put a high value on quality of life, and quality of care, so do we. Our goal is to help each patient get the most out of their hearing, on their terms. Hearing loss can be a lonely experience, so we focus on education and team-work to help patients choose, and adapt, to all the wonderful current technologies available to them. We run a very low-pressure and happy clinic, every patients is a friend and every hearing aid user has purchased a relationship with us where we can support you with your hearing aids for the life of your hearing aids, so you can focus on enjoying your life.

Our clinic is located in the recreational capital of Canada, and the dog capital of Canada. It is uncommon for patients to show up in ski boots or just come in from mtn bike. It is not uncommon for me to see a patient on the ski hill or the wall. It is also a small community, having grown up in a small community I thrive in Squamish, and like seeing my patients out in town. I believe small communities make everyone a little more honest and am always delighted when I run into a patient.

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