Derek Kyle

Derek is a Physiotherapist passionate about health who lives, works, recreates and raises his energetic daughters in Squamish.  He has a strong professional interest in simple, effective treatments which can often be tested and prove their merit within each assessment or treatment session.

Having personally undergone rehabilitation from a half-dozen personal orthopaedic surgeries (knee, shoulder, ankle, and hand surgeries) and many other sprains and strains, Derek has experienced physiotherapy from both the client’s and professional’s perspectives – and has had the opportunity to recognize the value of receiving treatments from a wide breadth of healthcare professionals as well as co-treating clients with a multidisciplinary team approach. Derek has a strong desire to facilitate a multi-disciplinary approach to injury rehabilitation. 

Derek is trained in, and continually seeks additional education in, treatments for musculoskeletal injuries, dizziness and concussions.  Derek treatments can  utilize spinal mobilization and manipulation, GunnIMS, spinal ‘Core’ muscle retraining which can include hypopressive, low pressure core exercise strategies as well as rehabilitative ultrasound imaging biofeedback or referrals for musculoskeletal imaging.  When assessments suggest excessive joint motions or degeneration requiring additional support, Derek utilizes orthotic prescription and casting and custom knee bracing options.  Derek is also trained in Vestibular therapy as well as concussion rehabilitation and baseline testing.

Derek’s local community involvement has included: participating as a physiotherapist in orthopedic surgery assessment and post-op clinics, rink-side trainer with a Junior B hockey team, developing pre-season assessments and cross training programs for both the local junior mountain bike team and BC junior downhill mountain bike teams, as well as working with junior climbing teams as a coach and sport specific injury consultant.

For best client results and attention, Derek’s physiotherapy sessions are one-on-one.

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