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Posted by Administrator on Jul 21 2011
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Heather Schofield and her husband tried for a baby for five years before they finally went to Genesis Fertility Centre in Vancouver for IVF treatment. Often known as the test tube baby procedure, IVF is one of the most widely used treatments for infertility. The total cost of an IVF cycle is approximately $8,000 to $9,000. Now 26 weeks into her pregnancy, Heather says she chose a combination of treatments that helped her become pregnant after her first cycle. "Fertility treatment is very stressful but I felt by doing acupuncture, having a healthy lifestyle and learning how to manage my stress, I felt more in control of my fertility journey," she says.

Infertility can be devastating for couples both psychologically and financially. The IVF process requires the collection of a woman's eggs and a man's sperm, and then they are combined in a laboratory. Once the egg is fertilized, it is transferred to the uterus to continue to develop. The B.C. Medical Services Plan (MSP) covers most aspects of fertility testing and surgery. MSP does not cover the cost of fertility treatment, and Heather and her husband paid for their single IVF cycle.
More than 350,000 Canadian couples struggle with infertility, but medical experts and patients now say successful pregnancies are increasingly possible, thanks to new approaches to infertility treatments. "The day of my embryo transfer -I went for an acupuncture treatment before the transfer, then went for the transfer, and then received another acupuncture treatment after the transfer," says 36-year-old Heather. "While the transfer was exciting, the acupuncture really gave me an opportunity to relax."
Medical studies have found that acupuncture alone can boost the chances of conceiving with IVF, and more women like Heather are relieved to have the more support balancing treatments that are right for them. "We started the IVF process at Genesis while also seeing Dr. Lorne Brown at Acubalance for acupuncture," she explains. "My goal was not to just get pregnant but to have a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby. Integrating both treatments takes the best of both worlds, and it also helped me go into the whole IVF process in the best shape possible."

Heather would go to see Dr. Lorne, and they would discuss the results of test that she had through Genesis. Dr. Lorne was able to explain the results from a more holistic perspective, which was easy to understand, she says. "Both clinics respect each other and support the fact that the treatments are coming from two different fields of medicine," says Heather. Becoming pregnant is getting easier for couples dealing with infertility, who use alternative health therapies such as acupuncture and yoga with in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment, she says.

"The main reason I chose Genesis was because they were open to more alternative and complimentary therapies, and that I would be supported. I didn't want to be criticized or made to feel like I should only be following their advice." The integrative treatment approach also appealed to Shelley Hunt, 42, who is trying to become pregnant. "Dr. Jason Hitkari at Genesis first suggested that I go to Acubalance," she explains. "I had five IVF treatments before I tried acupuncture."
Shelley also noticed an important change after she combined the treatments. "Acupuncture really helped me deal with my anxiety," she says. "It makes me feel like I'm doing something for myself and more in control of my fertility journey." Lisa Franco and her husband had been trying for two years before they decided on IVF.



Successful Pregnancy through Fertility Acupuncture treatment By Guest on Dec 18 2017
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