Is ‘healthy obesity’ a myth? You can’t be fit but fat, study warns

Can you be fit but fat? Over the past 15 years, scientists have been trying to figure out if “healthy obesity” is the real deal and in the latest research, Swedish doctors say it’s a myth.

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Eating oily fish may boost bowel cancer survival: study

People with bowel cancer may improve their survival chances by eating a lot of omega 3 fatty acids found in oily fish like tuna and salmon, a study suggested Wednesday

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A daily glass of wine for better health? Canadian study says it’s too good to be true

Plenty of recent research points to how a daily glass of wine could improve your heart health and extend your life expectancy. But in a new study, Canadian scientists say the findings may be exaggerated.

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Healthy lifestyle 'stacks the deck' for cancer prevention

Importance of exercising, not smoking reinforced for cancer prevention

Up to 40 per cent of cancer cases and about half of cancer deaths among some Americans might be prevented if people followed healthy habits, researchers estimate.

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The way we are living is killing us

It is a common experience to feel that our body has let us down when we get sick and this view of illness and disease is one that is deeply embedded in the biomedical model of illness and disease, a model which sees the patient as a victim of circumstances beyond their control, who is reliant and dependent upon the doctor and the medical profession to fix them.

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