TeleHealth Appointments

Elaho Medical Clinic is now offering Telehealth consultations with all our providers. These consultations are undertaken over a encrypted video-link through (similar to Skype or Facetime).

Telehealth visits are covered by the provincial medical services plan (MSP) and therefore will be at no charge to you if you have valid MSP coverage. The cost for this service for those without MSP coverage is $75.

We are currently only able to offer this service to those already registered as patients at Elaho Medical Clinic

PLEASE NOTE: You will need to use either CHROME or FIREFOX in order to access this service. Other browsers (Safari for example) will not work.

To access this service, please follow the following steps-:

1. Visit this link to ensure your device is compatible and you are set up for telemedicine appointments

2. Please read, sign and submit the Consent to Use Electronic Communications (you will only need to do this the first time)

3. After you have signed the consent form, you may call our clinic and ask to book a telemedicine appointment

4. Log-in to the relevant link below for the Physician or Nurse Practitioner you have booked your appointment with 5 minutes before your scheduled appointment time. Please ensure you provide your full legal name. The appointment will start as soon as the provider is availabl.

Click below on the provider’s name to start a Telehealth consultation-:

Dr. L. Klein

Dr. A. Gornall 

Dr. T. Kranz

Dr. G. Campbell (for Dr. M. Illingworth)

Dr. I. Law (for Dr. B. Millar)

Dr. Brenda Millar 



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